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I'm Alaine, I write romance under the pen name of Anna Winters - book should hopefully be coming out this year

Monday, 12 November 2012

Where to start?....


Where do I start?....

Firstly sorry for the lack of blogging, there has been a lot that has gone on lately (since June)
Feel like it's been just about forever since my last post.


Well I now have a contract YAY ^_^ Can you believe it?! Someone wants to publish what I write? Crazy I know, I got this brilliant news a few months ago and been trying to write like crazy and no doubt myself. I have also been a procasination Queen lately - bad Alaine I know. But I am working on this. I'm currently taking part in NaNoWriMo to try and motivate myself some more.


And I finally have the laptop all to myself due to dumping laptop stealer boyfriend for a lot of reasons, and one because he turned in to a grade A jerk - which has helped me create a not so nice person in my book - so I should thank him for that... and well he was jealous I had followed my dream and was being published even though he didn't do anything to try and get himself published even with all my help... but enough of him... There is a new person in my life right now and things are going good - he is also helping me with my book - a guy with a motorbike (cool or what?!) With out the bike ride I'd still be busting my ass trying to be published...

Also enjoying having new friends and finally having a social life, everything seems to have taken off at once - hence procrastinating a little too much lately oh dear... speaking of which - one of my friends Cami has a Music, beauty and fashion reviews and pre-views. blog which I would love for you to drop by and have a little read of - very useful =)

I now had an author page on facebook too! WooHoo...


Writing is going well I like to think - just need to get my head down and write when I come home from work.


But I promise to keep everyone up-dated and if anyone would like to follow me my facebook page is   


  1. Sounds like you are doing brilliantly, Alaine! Keep it up. Very happy for you and looking forward to reading your book.

  2. Well done and congratulations Alaine, (sorry about delay, still getting my head around google+, better late than never eh!)

  3. Thank you Sam and Mel.

    I'm still getting my head around everything too. =)