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Monday, 3 December 2012

It's nearly Christmas guys.

Christmas is here!!

Well people, it's that time of the year again when we can no longer hide out and pretend the big C isn't here, it is of course Christmas!

With the dark nights coming in, and the bitterly cold days, and even colder nights it's got me feeling a little blue lately. After all it's months of madness and having our money spent before it's even in our banks. But I have found a few things I am liking... Nights in with the heating on full blast and curling up watching tv with a special someone - I'm sure everyone loves that anyway.
And more importantly my writing is going really well, I am writing more now, because it's a form of escapism for me, and I'm sure for everyone. Just like reading a good book, it's good to get so wrapped up in a world where anything can happen, and a happy ending is ALWAYS at the end (depending the books you read) I find the same in writing.

I also have a short story working away in the back of my mind which I have started, the people in my current book are temporarily AWOL, I think the madness has finally gotten to them, so giving them a break for a while.

Also I have been answering questions this week for my first ever blog interview. Of course I will post the blog on here when it is up and live.

So, how is everyone getting on this Christmas? Is the festive madness getting to you? Or do you love this time of year?


  1. I have a love hate with the festivities - I love Christmas, love seeing everybody, decorating the house, lunch, cold days, log fires... but hate the run up when there is far too much to do and too little time - I end up writing lots of lists! Hope you have a good one :-)

    1. Indeed Susie, I think being able to see everyone is one of the best things. But the rush just kind of spoils it for me, it's always better on Boxing Day as most of the rush is gone and we can all relax finally!!

    2. I forgot to say I hope you have a good Christmas Susie. So sorry!!!

  2. Hi ladies! I love Christmas, but like Susie, I'm not a lover of the build up - too short on time and money! But come xmas eve, I'm in the swing and love it! xx

    1. I'm thinking everyone isn't a fan of the build up. I'm glad it's not just me, it also makes me blue when I think of the people who can't be here / who we can't see due to distance problems.

      Hope you have a good Christmas Sam