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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Promo tours and feedback news


Well I did say 2 blogs would be coming but I have been so busy organising promotional tours thanks to two publishers and writing and applying for jobs until I am a world class author I haven't had the time lately.. So here's the news from what was the best week last week of this year so far...

I got some amazing feedback from the very kind editors at breathless press, and while I wasn't asked to submit more I got tips and pointers. I'm looking forwards to finishing my story and submitting it to two publishers - I have set myself a deadline to finish by November and enter it in to submissions for Christmas Books, so fingers crossed. x

Now for the exciting news: Promotional Tours for Breathless Press and Entangled Publishing....

     Entangled Publishing:
On the 15th of May Entangled Publishing will feature on my blog with an excerpt from one of the stories along with my review of When Honey Got Married.

     Breathless Press:
13th May will feature Foreplay By Tammy Valentine
26th May will feature The Soldier's Return By Ava Delany
3rd June will feature To Catch A Spirit By Carrie Pulkinen
12th June will feature Witchling By Ari Harper

In my personal life I now have an interview at a company called Care UK on Friday, so fingers crossed for that. Although it's going to be a very sad day when it comes to be my last day at The Red Cross and I will miss my fellow workers and Service Users greatly. 


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