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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Breathless Press: Armed forces celebration


So yesterday the wonderful people at Breathless Press had an Armed Forces Celebration blog, on which many lucky people - myself included got the amazing chance to review books that were dedicated to the hard working men and women who serve us so diligently in the army, navy, ect

The book I read was truly amazing - and I really felt like I was in the persons shoes feeling what it would be like if I fell in love with someone who was leaving for the army and how I would feel when they were back.

It would be brilliant if the readers of my blog could maybe pop by Breathless Press's blog and read a few posts, maybe say hi, and maybe if a book takes their fancy - maybe buy one, I really can not recommend the books enough - I didn't read them all, but the reviews for the books are wonderful. And most importantly Breathless Press are such an amazing company for showcasing these heroic people in their stories and on their blogs in a fictitious way.

I have a few more promo blogs to come as well as working on my writing, and will up-date tomorrow to let you know when I have promo blogs. And as always will keep twitter and face book up-to-date.

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